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2017 2nd quarter

On July 18th I’ll lock myself with one of my favorite artist in a studio and together we decide if it’s worth a collaboration or not. No mercy for our ears and no mercy for ourselves. If it’s working, great. If not, it’ll be a nice day together.

Rotor has a label. One we really like. We are waiting for some female vocals to complete the tracks and then we will be ready to go live too.

End of September will see Sigillum S recording a new studio album. Line up as usual. Me, Paolo Bandera and Bruno Dorella. This will be the first album we record with the above line up.

Supervoid production is reaching completion. There’s a major surprise coming up regarding the line up but we will communicate it once everything is ready.

November will be Eraldo Bernocchi/FM Einheit/Jo Quail trio album on RareNoise Records.We are still trying to understand which kind of music it could be.

January 2018 will see Sigillum S again in a London studio with some legendary artists who are connected to us since the very early days. We suspect this record could be really noisy. Line up will include two guitars, bass, drums and two noise makers.

Around the second half of 2018 the third chapter of Equations Of Eternity will appear. Line up for now myself and Bill Laswell. Subject: dark hindu magick and field recording I recorded last year in india.

Glacial Movements involved me in the production of one incredibly intriguing project. More to come with a big surprise in terms of line up.

Sigillum S will also finally complete the EP with Tony Wakeford we started long time ago.

I’m starting to think about a new Ashes record. Raiz and myself had a talk and we both decided it’s time for another album…11 years passed since the last one.

There’s much more coming up…new duo with one of my favorite dub artist and producer (can’t wait), new duo with another lovely creature who I consider my brother, scoring for adverts, docs, sound design…

A lot of mysteries here but not everything needs to be revealed now.

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