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2016 2nd quarter news


I spent two weeks in india setting up the soundtrack for well known photographer Bruna Rotunno exhibition “Women in Bali” as well I went to the mighty Kumbh Mela in Ujjain, the biggest religious festival on the world, to records rituals and ceremonies for a forthcoming project in 2018. More to come.

“Invisible Strings” is the title of the first album with Indian guitar wonder Prakash Sontakke. The album is ready and going to mastering. Artwork is also under its way and curated by Petulia Mattioli. Out on RareNoise Rec in October 2016.I’m really happy about the results, I have no idea how to define the music we created and I guess this is a good sign.

Blackwood debut album “As the world rots away” is gathering amazing reviews and theres’ a lot of interest for live gigs featuring also Jacopo Pierazzuoli on live drums. Stay tuned for more.

Obake third album is in the mixing phase. The result of a year of work is quite impressive. Super heavy but at the very same time deeply melancholic and harmonic. I’m curious to see how it’ll be received. Out on RareNoise Rec in November.

The 30 years Sigillum S anniversary trilogy is long gone. We still have CDs and t shirts. the rest is gone, forever.

Owls are slowly putting together pieces for a new album tba.

Supervoid is the name of a new trio I formed with guitar player Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours, Bunuel, Todo Modo and many more) and Jacopo Pierazzuoli on drums. We are aiming for a sort of psychedelic ambient furious doom…we’ll see…recordings and live appearances are due in september.

The album with Chihei Hatakeyama is ready and we are currently evaluating labels as the output is also including a photo book of Petulia Mattioli and Japanese photographer Yasushi Miura.


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in praise

“In Praise Of Shadows” is a 7 years long massive collaboration album by Italy’s legendary producer Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S and Japanese dark ambient mastermind Manabu Hiramoto of Shinkiro.
The music weaves dark electronics and industrial dub with heavy atmosphere. The 8 tracks based on a concept of the traditional Japanese aesthetics inspired by Junichiro Tanizaki’s essay, beautifully contrasted light and shadow,
stillness and motion with using modern technology and various musical compositions. 4-panel cardboard sleeve.

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SIGILLUM S “Non Serviam” Trilogy out on April 16th


After quite two years of work the trilogy is finally here. The 30th anniversary covers as usual the artwork has been created by Petulia Mattioli and they are printed on heavy metallic paper with warm gold printing. 

Each output is a different album celebrating 30 years of explorations, no tracks are in common. Preorders have been mad.
From left to right:
“Astronomic Horror”, 100 copies limited edition vinyl for the noise gods.
“Iron Catastrophe Spectators”, 300 copies limited edition cd featuring  Ted Parsons (Swans, Godflesh, Jesu, Prong) on drums to summon the rhythmic side of energies….a few are left…
“Demonology”, 50 copies limited edition tape digging into the depth of rituals….ops this is already sold out!
We also made a ltd edition of 3 t shirts, one for each output.
Please note: no reprint, no digital downloads.
Release date: 16-04-2016


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2016 News

Happy New Year to Everybody!


The new Obake album is in the editing/composing phase, a lot to do but the tracks are so far really satisfying…and blasting. It’s hard as hell but it has some ultra melodic moments too. Obake is playing on January 21st at The Underworld in Camden Town/London.

My record with the Indian slide guitar master Prakash Sontakke II is taking shape piece after piece. I don’t know how to describe the music we are composing and recording but is emotionally entangling. 

The new duo I formed with Leon Switch from Kryptic Minds is more and more into building tracks and we have a lot of great material we are working on. Can’t wait to play that stuff live and break some window because of the bass.
Like in the good old days.

The ambient album with Chihei Hatakeyama is ready, more news to follow regarding label etc etc.

And talking about electronics…there’s an album with Andrea Gastaldello aka Mingle that’s slowly cooking…and new album on Glacial Movements together with Netherworld will appear at some point in 2016/2017.

Blackwood debut album is at the pressing plant right now as well the debut album with Shinkiro/Manabu Hiramoto.

All the 30 anniversary releases of Sigillum S are in production and will be ready for April 16th when we play live in Milan.

Obake will tour, Metallic Taste of Blood will tour, Blackwood and Sigillum S too.

There are remixes, mixes, music for adverts, collaborations and tons of other things that will happen too. Way to many to mention. And other projects that are in an early stage but slowly growing…very likely a new E.O.E and a new Ashes…some secret combo too…

Last but not least: I’ll move to London.

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NUDE Guitars endorsement


I’m proud to announce that Nude Guitars endorsed me. Gabriele Fabbri, the artist behind these amazing musical instruments,

is currently building me a baritone model. Nude Guitars are all crafted by hand, one by one, and they’re a real work of art in terms of sound and build quality.

They feature aluminium neck with a specially designed resonating chamber and carefully chosen woods for the body.

I’m going to record the new Obake album with one of these guitars. Will report my impressions soon.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender nude nude2 nude3


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Some news before the autumn…



Here are some news.

The renowed Japanese ambient composer Chihei Hatakeyama and myself have quite

mixed and reach complexion for our first collaborative album. Label and details TBC.


I’m giving the final touches to the giant 30 years anniversary Sigillum S works. CD+Vinyl+tape+flexi…endless.

The shapes are there, menacing  and thundering, thanks also to Ted Parsons massive drumming on the cd. More to come, a tour will follow in 2016.


I’m enjoying a lot the work on the first album with Prakash Sontakke, the Indian steel/lap guitar wonder.

We are exchanging material and the positive energy/tension is growing track after track. Can’t wait to play live with him.


December will see the recording sessions for the new Obake album, number three.

Line up is now consolidated, no changes, the band is full on force.


Subsound Records will publish the first album of my slow dub doom project called Blackwood.

It’s a relentless doom metal guitar monster mixed with bone shaking bass lines. I’ll bring it soon on stage together with  Jacopo Pierazzuoli (Morkobot, Obake)

on drums.


There’s much more…please be patient.

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After months of laziness and no time at all I managed to rebuild my site. It’s not complete, there’s a lot missing. I hope to finish it within a decent timeframe. About,  Store, Shows and Contact are working links. Audio will come soon. Images too.



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