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2017 First Quarter

After relocating to London and letting the dust settle this is what will happen in the future:

Supervoid debut album for my new power trio with Xabier Iriondo (Afterhours, Todo Modo, Bunuel and much more) and Jacopo Pierazzuoli (Obake, Morkobot) is currently in the editing/mixing phase. There’ll be some surprises I can’t reveal , so stay tuned as the album at the moment looks promising.

Sigillum S will record the next studio album with its new member Bruno Dorella from OVO and Ronin in full force. As well we will complete the long time due EP featuring Tony Wakeford from Sol Invictus on vocals.

The debut album for Rotor, my new duo with Leon Switch, is still in production. We have a lot of music to choose from and we are currently evaluating label proposals.

The debut album of the new trio with Jo Quail on cello, FM Einheit on metals and tools and me on guitars is on it’s way. It is expected for the last quarter on RareNoise Records.

In June I’ll celebrate my 100th album…and I do it in a dub tech way on Glacial Movements together with ambient composer Netherworld.

The return of Equations Of Eternity is approaching. Volume 3 will be based on indian black magic and obscure rituals I recorded last year in india. Line up for the moment is Bill Laswell and myself. More details later.

Well…I’m starting to think about a new Ashes album. After 11 years it’s about time to go back to the roots…

I’m not ruling out a new Simm album in the future…kind of a distant one…

Last but not least…I moved my store to Bandcamp.


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