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2016 News

Happy New Year to Everybody!


The new Obake album is in the editing/composing phase, a lot to do but the tracks are so far really satisfying…and blasting. It’s hard as hell but it has some ultra melodic moments too. Obake is playing on January 21st at The Underworld in Camden Town/London.

My record with the Indian slide guitar master Prakash Sontakke II is taking shape piece after piece. I don’t know how to describe the music we are composing and recording but is emotionally entangling. 

The new duo I formed with Leon Switch from Kryptic Minds is more and more into building tracks and we have a lot of great material we are working on. Can’t wait to play that stuff live and break some window because of the bass.
Like in the good old days.

The ambient album with Chihei Hatakeyama is ready, more news to follow regarding label etc etc.

And talking about electronics…there’s an album with Andrea Gastaldello aka Mingle that’s slowly cooking…and new album on Glacial Movements together with Netherworld will appear at some point in 2016/2017.

Blackwood debut album is at the pressing plant right now as well the debut album with Shinkiro/Manabu Hiramoto.

All the 30 anniversary releases of Sigillum S are in production and will be ready for April 16th when we play live in Milan.

Obake will tour, Metallic Taste of Blood will tour, Blackwood and Sigillum S too.

There are remixes, mixes, music for adverts, collaborations and tons of other things that will happen too. Way to many to mention. And other projects that are in an early stage but slowly growing…very likely a new E.O.E and a new Ashes…some secret combo too…

Last but not least: I’ll move to London.

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